HDR (PhD and MA/Research)

  • Kelvin Lee: Language and character identity: Corpus-assisted discourse analysis of speech style shifts in Japanese animated television series (ongoing)
  • Penelope Thomas: Facebook in the news: A corpus linguistic approach (ongoing)
  • Aeisha Joharry: Malaysian learners’ argumentative writing in English: A contrastive, corpus-driven study (completed in 2017)
  • Habibah Ismail: A corpus-assisted multimodal discourse analysis of Malaysian sports news discourse: Exploring the representation of female and male athletes (completed in 2017)
  • Alison Earle: Analysing discourses of sustainability in architecture (completed in 2015; associate supervisor)
  • Cassandra Fawcett: A corpus-assisted study of Chinese EFL learners’ development of academic literacy (completed in 2013)
  • Kesuma Bakar: Gendered identities in online personal advertisements: A Malaysian perspective (completed in 2012, associate supervisor)
  • Fabio Bezerra: Language and image in the film Sex and the City (completed in 2012, associate supervisor, co-tutelle with Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil)


  • Georgia Carr: Let’s talk about sex education: A corpus linguistic analysis of advice column discourses (2017)
  • Jack Price: ‘Oh Jesus Christ!’ The use of bad language in contemporary American television series (2015)
  • Cameron Grover: Intimacy, power and pleasure: The linguistic construction of identity in online personal-ads for casual sex (2014)
  • Shari Keogh: A grey matter: A comparison of theory-constitutive metaphors from a language acquisition corpus (2011)
  • Marina Lauer: A grammar of live-saving ranters. The interpersonal lexicogrammatical individuation of two aid workers (2011)
  • Bethany Stanford: Bonding and iconization in Barack Obama’s presidential campaign speeches (2010)

Units and guest lectures

2009 to present (University of Sydney)

  • Language and Social Context (undergraduate)
  • Media Discourse (postgraduate)
  • Translation Studies (postgraduate)
  • Corpus Linguistics and Systemic Functional Linguistics (postgraduate ‘masterclass’)
  • Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory  / Computers, Discourse, Language (undergraduate)
  • Discourse Analysis (undergraduate)
  • Media Discourse (undergraduate)
  • Language and Identity (undergraduate)

2008-2009 (University of Technology, Sydney)

  • Discourse Analysis (postgraduate, online)
  • Journalism Studies Project (supervision only)
  • Language and Power (postgraduate)
  • Guest lectures on Appraisal (Discourse Analysis), Evaluation in Media Discourse (Journalism)

2006-2008 (University of Sydney)

  • Guest lectures on Corpus Linguistics, Appraisal

2000-2006 (University of Augsburg, Germany)

  • Research Methods in Linguistics
  • 19th Century Women’s Fiction from a Linguistic and Literary Perspective (interdisciplinary)
  • Text Linguistics
  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Study Skills for Linguists
  • Evaluation, Stance, Appraisal
  • Cognitive Linguistics
  • Discourse Analysis
  • The Language of Newspapers
  • Semantics and Pragmatics (tutor)
  • Introduction to Linguistics (tutor)