Monika Bednarek


I am Associate Professor in Linguistics at the University of Sydney. My primary research interest is in corpus-based discourse analysis. This refers to the use of electronic collections of texts and computer software to explore facets about discourse. My own research focuses on English-language media texts (media linguistics), with two main strands – language as used in the news (print, online, radio, TV) and language as used in fictional TV series (such as The Big Bang Theory, The Wire). My first book focussed on the analysis of opinion in UK broadsheets and tabloids (Evaluation in Media Discourse, 2006, Continuum). My second book was a corpus-based study of emotion talk in British English fiction, news, academic and conversational texts (Emotion Talk Across Corpora, 2008, Palgrave Macmillan), while my third book combined corpus linguistics with other approaches for an in-depth exploration of the language of fictional television series (The Language of Fictional Television, 2010, Continuum). More recent books in media linguistics include News Discourse (2012, Bloomsbury, with Dr Helen Caple), The Discourse of News Values (2017, Oxford University Press, with H. Caple), and Language and Television Series (2018, Cambridge University Press).

For further information please use the navigation tools above, see my site or the news values site,  visit my university website or go to my youtube channel (for videos on corpus linguistics and AntConc).


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