Papers presented at conferences, workshops, research seminars, etc


  • 6-9 December 2017: 6th New Zealand Discourse Conference 2017 (NZDC 2017), AUT University, Auckland, NZ: “Corpus linguistics and the discursive construction of social identity in the media” [Paper 1] and “Visualising Multimodal Discourse Analysis using Kaleidographic” [Paper 2, with Helen Caple]
  • 3 November 2017: Sydney Digital Humanities Research Group seminar series: “Equipping Students with digital tools for the humanities – with a focus on text analysis”
  • 10-14 July 2017: International Systemic Functional Congress (ISFC 2017), University of Wollongong, Australia: “A new topology for (multimodal) discourse analysis” [with Helen Caple]
  • 26 May 2017: SocioCult research seminar series, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA: “Constructing social identities in the narrative mass media: A corpus approach”
  • 12-15 April 2017: Popular Culture Association & American Culture Association 2017 Joint National Conference (PCA/ACA 2017), Language Attitudes and Popular Linguistics Area, San Diego, USA: “The use of ain’t in contemporary US television narratives”


  • 23‐25 November 2016: International Conference on Language and Emotion, UNED, Madrid, Spain: “Revisiting swear/taboo words – with focus on their use in US televisual narratives” [plenary, via video link]
  • 22 November 2016: Festival of Methods: Australia and Australian voices in corpora (mini-conference), Macquarie University, Sydney: “Text and corpus revisited”
  • 21-23 October 2016: Third Asia Pacific Corpus Linguistics Conference (APCLC 2016), Beihang University, Beijing, China: “Corpus linguistics and profanity (‘bad’ language, swear words, curse words, taboo words…)” [plenary]
  • 5-7 September 2016: 5th Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines Conference (CADAAD), Università di Catania, Sicily: “Using non-standard language to represent diversity and ‘otherness’ in contemporary US television series” [invited contribution to the panel Languaging the Other in TV Series, convened by Mariavita Cambria and Marco Venuti, via video link]
  • 19 August 2016: Systemic Functional Linguistic research seminar series, Department of Linguistics, University of Sydney: “‘Don’t say crap. Don’t use swear words.’ – A case study of linguistic strategies around the use of swear/curse/taboo words in US TV series” [invited talk]
  • 9 June 2016: University of Giessen, Germany: “‘Wicked’ women in contemporary pop culture” [invited talk]
  • 3 May 2016: German Department (Deutsches Seminar), University of Basel, Switzerland: “‘Bad’ language and characterisation in televisual conversations” [invited talk]
  • 22-23 April 2016: Workshop on ‘Doing digital humanities’, University of Freiburg, Germany: “Corpus linguistic approaches to the analysis of fictional televisual narratives” [invited talk]
  • 2-4 March 2016: 8th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics (CILC2016), University of Malaga, Spain: “Investigating ‘most shared’ news from a corpus linguistic perspective” [plenary]
  • 8 February 2016: Arts and Social Sciences research colloquium, Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies, Germany: “Language use in televisual narratives” [invited talk]
  • 19 January 2016: Centre for Linguistics, University of Hamburg, Germany: “‘Wicked’ women in contemporary US TV series – a linguistic analysis” [invited talk]
  • 14 January 2016: Research colloquium, Department of English Linguistics, University of Freiburg, Germany: “Analysing the language of contemporary US TV series: A corpus linguistic approach” [invited talk]


  • 1 and 3 December 2015: Universities of Salzburg (Austria) and Augsburg (Germany): “What is made newsworthy and how? Insights from discourse analysis” [invited talk]
  • 26-27 November 2015: International workshop on ‘The analysis of fictional dialogue in film and television series: Between narratology and pragmatics’, University of Innsbruck, Austria: “A corpus linguistic analysis of fictional dialogue in contemporary US TV series”
  • 7-9 September 2015: 6th International Language in the Media conference, University of Hamburg, Germany: “The language of shared news”
  • 27-31 July 2015: 42nd International Systemic Functional Congress, RWTH Aachen University, Germany: “Where linguistics meets journalism: Discursive News Values Analysis” [plenary]
  • 21-24 July 2015: 8th International Corpus Linguistics Conference (CL2015), Lancaster University, UK:“’All the news that’s fit to share’: Investigating the language of ‘most shared’ news stories” [with James Curran, Tim Dwyer, Fiona Martin, Joel Nothman]
  • 22 May 2015: SFL research seminar, Department of Linguistics, University of Sydney, Australia: “Linguistic resources for ‘selling’ events to audiences as news”
  • 18-19 February 2015: Appraisal Symposium 2015, University of New South Wales, Australia: “Evaluating characters in television series”


  • 24-27 November 2014: Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia 2014 conference (JERAA 2014), University of Technology, Sydney, Australia: “Teaching newsworthiness and news values in the age of the visual” [with Helen Caple]
  • 30 September-2 October 2014: Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Association 2014 conference (ASFLA 2014), University of New South Wales, Australia: “News values: towards a linguistic framework” [with Helen Caple]
  • 2 May 2014: Media@Sydney research seminar, University of Sydney, Australia: “Constructing values in the news” [with Helen Caple]
  • 23-24 April 2014: Media Talk symposium, Griffith University, Australia: “News media talk and news values” [invited talk]


  • 2 December 2013: English Faculty, University of Oxford (research methods seminar for postgraduate students): “A corpus linguistic approach to newsworthiness” [invited talk]
  • 26 November 2013: The Oxford Media Research Seminars, University of Oxford: “Language, image and the construction of newsworthiness” [with Helen Caple, invited talk]
  • 22 November 2013: Values and ideology in TV discourse: A one-day interdisciplinary colloquium on recent research, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK: “Values and ideology in US TV series” [invited talk]
  • 13 November 2013: University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language (UCREL) research seminar, University of Lancaster, UK: “A corpus linguistic approach to newsworthiness” [invited talk]
  • 13 November 2013: Pragmatics and Stylistics research seminar, University of Lancaster, UK: “‘Wicked’ women in contemporary pop culture – three linguistic case studies” [invited talk]
  • 8 November 2013: Language and Society research seminar, University of Oxford: “The linguistic construction of newsworthiness” [invited talk]
  • 17 October 2013: Research seminar, University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway: “Multimodal analysis of news discourse” [with Helen Caple, invited talk]
  • 7, 9, 10 October 2013: Research seminars at the universities of Lund, Linnaeus and Stockholm, Sweden: “News values: Linguistic and social semiotic perspectives” [with Helen Caple, invited talk]
  • 28-30 September 2013: 5th International Language and the Media Conference: Redefining Journalism: Participation, Practice, Change, Queen Mary, University of London: “Promotional videos: What do they tell us about the value of news?” [with Helen Caple]
  • 28-30 September 2013: 5th International Language and the Media Conference: Redefining Journalism: Participation, Practice, Change, Queen Mary, University of London: “Workshop on news values and news discourse “[co-convenors Helen Caple and Colleen Cotter]
  • 14 September 2013: Symposium on Crime in a Post-CSI Mediascape, Oxford Brookes University, UK: “What happened and who dunnit ? Exploring questions in contemporary US crime drama: from Breaking Bad to The Wire
  • 31 July – 4 August 2013: Poetics and Linguistics Association Annual Conference (PALA 2013), University of Heidelberg, Germany: “Mobile narratives” [a talk on fan T-shirts, intertextuality, resemiotisation, paratexts and the new media environment]
  • 23-26 July 2013: 7th International Corpus Linguistics Conference (CL2013), Lancaster University, UK: “Integrating visual analysis into corpus linguistic research”
  • 22 July 2013: Evaluative Language and Corpus Linguistics. Workshop at CL 2013, Lancaster University, UK: “Analysing evaluation in small corpora” [invited talk]
  • 20-21 February 2013: Appraisal Symposium 2013: Current Issues in Appraisal Analysis, University of New South Wales, Sydney: “Principles for applying Appraisal theory – A perspective from corpus-based discourse analysis” [plenary]


  • 6-8 December 2012: 2nd International Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice Conference, University of Technology, Sydney & Macquarie University: “A discursive approach to news values and its implications for journalism education” (with H. Caple)
  • 16 November 2012: 8th Discourse Analysis Symposium: Researching Discourses with an Open Mind, Monash University: “A discursive approach to news values” (with H. Caple)
  • 13-15 September 2012: 5th Screenwriting Research Conference: Words and Images, University of Technology, Sydney & Macquarie University: “Using computers to analyse words and images in TV series”
  • 14 September 2012: Corpus-assisted Discourse Studies: More than the sum of Discourse Analysis and computing?, University of Bologna, Italy: “Beyond corpus and discourse analysis? The possibilities and challenges of triangulation in Corpus Assisted Discourse Studies” (“plenarette”, via videolink)
    16-20 July 2012: 39th ISFC, University of Technology, Sydney: “Exploring the discursive construal of news values across words and images” (with H. Caple)
  • 20 April 2012: Language and Identity Research Network  workshop, University of Sydney: “‘You are what you eat’ – Food and identity: a corpus-based discourse analysis”
  • 15-19 February 2012: First Asia Pacific Corpus Linguistics Conference, University of Auckland, NZ: “Corpus linguistics and The Big Bang Theory”


  • 3-8 July 2011: 12th International Pragmatics conference (IPRA), University of Manchester, UK: “‘What a day’ – evaluating historic leadership in the news”
  • 3-8 July 2011: International Pragmatics conference (IPRA), University of Manchester, UK: “‘Value added’: Language, image and news values” (with H. Caple)
  • 20-22 July 2011: Corpus Linguistics 2011 , University of Birmingham, UK: “‘Read less, more TV’: A corpus linguistic perspective on television discourse”
  • 21 November 2011: Language and Identity Across Modes of Communication, University of Sydney: “Corpus linguistics and identity”


  • 24-26 November 2010: Journalism Education Association Australia (JEAA 2010), University of Technology, Sydney: “Using computers to analyse media discourse: a case study”
  • 1-3 December 2010: 5 ICOM, University of Technology, Sydney: “Analysing televisual characterisation: a case study”
  • 5-9 October 2010: VI ALSFAL, Fortaleza, Brazil: “Corpus linguistics and Appraisal theory” (8 hour workshop, invited)


  • 8-11 October 2009: American Association of Corpus Linguistics Conference (AACL 2009), University of Alberta, Edmonton: “Emotional practices and character identity in American popular culture”
  • 13-17 July 2009: 11th International Pragmatics Conference, University of Melbourne: “‘I’m just afraid I’ll get too emotional’: Analysing expressive identity in American dramedy”
  • 7-9 July 2009: 2nd International Discourses and Cultural Practices Conference, University of Sydney: “A corpus stylistic approach to television character”
  • 6 May 2009: Language Studies research seminar, University of Technology, Sydney: “Television discourse: Emotionality, identity and characterisation” [invited talk]


  • 1-5 December 2008: Workshop on Designing the Australian National Corpus, University of New South Wales, Sydney, HCSNet Summerfest: “Small-scale and large-scale corpus analysis – two complementary perspectives”
  • 1-3 December 2008: Research, Investigation and Story Telling: Emerging Narratives in Journalism and Journalism Studies, 2008 Journalism Education Association Conference, University of Wollongong: “Evaluation in the news”
  • 17-18 November 2008: 11th New Zealand Language and Society Conference, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ: “‘Oh my God’ – Emotionality and character identity in an American television series”
  • 9-10 October 2008: Teaching English and the Arts in the 21st Century: Action, Imagination, Engagement, University of Sydney: “Using corpora in the teaching of English literature”
  • 22 August 2008: University of Sydney, SFL research seminar: “Investigating evaluative stance in environmental news reporting” (with Helen Caple, invited talk)
  • 21-25 July 2008: International Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference, University of Macquarie, Sydney: “Emotion talk and emotional talk: Approaches to language and emotion in SFL and beyond”
  • 23 July 2008: University of Technology, Sydney, Media Studies Forum: “Linguistic analysis of media texts” [invited talk]
  • 2-4 July 2008: Australian Linguistics Society Annual Conference, University of Macquarie, Sydney (held at the University of Sydney), : “Reporting the environment: an ecolinguistic analysis of a new news story genre” (with Helen Caple)
  • 11-13 June 2008: European Systemic Functional Linguistic Conference and Workshop, University of Helsinki, Finland: “Multimodality, intertextuality and the obliging reader in a new newspaper genre” (with Helen Caple)


  • 29 Nov-1 Dec 2007: Discourses and Cultural Practices Conference, University of Technology, Sydney: “Double-take: unpacking the play in the multimodal news bite” (with Helen Caple)
  • 6-7 October 2007: 1st International University of Sydney Free Linguistics Conference, University of Sydney: “‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ A corpus perspective on evaluation and emotion in contemporary American pop culture” [plenary]
  • July 2007: Australian Association of Systemic Functional Linguistics (ASFLA) annual conference, University of Wollongong, Australia: “Corpus stylistics and its application in the linguistics classroom”
  • June 2007: Australian Association of Systemic Functional Linguistics (ASFLA) annual conference, University of Wollongong, Australia: “Patterns of Affect across Corpora”
  • May 2007: University of Sydney, postgraduate research seminar, “Corpus, Cognition and SFL”
  • April 2007: University of Sydney, departmental research seminar: “Corpus Stylistics and Teaching” [invited talk]


  • October 2006, University of Sydney, SFL research seminar: “Corpus linguistics and appraisal theory: a happy union” [invited talk]
  • October 2006: University of Sydney, PhD seminar: “Emotions across Corpora” [invited talk]
  • September 2006: Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Association (ASFLA) National Conference 2006, Armidale, Australia: “‘An increasingly familiar tragedy’: evaluative conflation and collocation in news reportage”
  • September 2006: Diversity and Community in Applied Linguistics: Interface, Interpretation, Interdisciplinarity, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia: “Teaching English literature and linguistics to non-native students – an interdisciplinary approach”
  • July 2006: Australian Association of Applied Linguistics, Brisbane, Australia: “‘Popular’ vs ‘quality’ newspapers: tension or harmony?”
  • May 2006: University of Sydney, departmental research seminar: “Local grammar and register variation” [invited talk]


  • September 2005: Anglistentag, Bamberg, Germany: “Metapragmatic comments as evaluations”
  • July 2005: Evaluation and Text Types, Augsburg University, Germany: “A parameter-based framework of evaluation”
  • July 2005: Corpus linguistics 2005, Birmingham: “He’s nice but Tim: contrastive evaluation in the British press”
  • July 2005: International Pragmatics Association Conference, Riva del Garda, Italy: “Evaluation in broadsheet and tabloid publications”


  • September 2004: British Association of Applied Linguistics, King’s College, London: “Evaluating Europe: Parameters of evaluation in the British press”


  • March 2003: postgraduate seminar, University of Birmingham: “Conceptual metaphors and event-construal in newspapers”


  • June 2002: Lexikografie, ihre Basis- und Nachbarwissenschaften (symposium), Augsburg, Germany: “Frames-Semantik und Lexikographie” (with Prof. W. Bublitz)